Africa. New trade for the citizens data management 

In October 2014, a British research foundation presented a survey on the value of data produced by each citizen, but what exactly are they? They are all the contents posted on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube; e.g. the grocery shopping, the phone call duration, the digital economic transition, the cost to park a car, the sanitary informations, the educational information and so on. The contents are so important that recent estimates demonstrate that each second, eighty new objects are connected to internet each second, 7 million  object per day. Suddenly, we get aware that whatever we do in everyday life could have a high economic value. All that represents internet of things; it means that more and more objects , with detector, are connected to internet. The annual value of those information produced by citizens is of 21 billion of euros, the same as the british GDP (Gross domestic product).
Till today all those data increased the income of the Silicon Valley societies which own the data and they resell them, but a new trade is flourishing. This is represented by the personal services management. The services supply to gather, memorize, manage and share personal data under our control in order to make a better life and take better purchase decisions. A new trade is possible even and especially in Africa which has a hight growth potential regarding the smartphones utilization.



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